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Home Remedies for Vaginal Infections

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Vaginal infection is something that no woman surely would want to experience, considering it is a very painful and irritating condition. Once facing some kind of vaginal infection, you will not only have problems in sexual pleasure, but you will also feel constant itching and burning around your vaginal area. There are chances that you might also get rashes near your vagina, and there could be painful sensations during urination too.

Doctors often conduct a lot of tests before they prescribe any kind of over the counter medicines. The tests are mainly conducted to determine the main cause of infection, and to find out the extent or the intensity of the infection. This helps to plan the medication better. The causes could be anything, ranging from use of an unhygienic toilet seat, to some kind of infection that has been passed by your partner via relationship.

There are however, a few home remedies that can also be tried to cure your vaginal infection, if you are not willing to consult a doctor, or, if there is no doctor as such that you can contact immediately. Thus, till the time you do not find a good doctor, you can surely depend on these home remedies to gain some relief.

One of the most common things that you can use is Tea Tree Oil. This oil has many anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help to cure many kinds of bacterial infections. In fact, those suffering from problems of acne too are advised to use Tea Tree Oil on the affected areas to see the difference. You can use around 2-3 drops daily for your vagina, both in the morning and the evening, and you are sure to see some good and effective results.

Next, you can apply honey, twice daily for around 20 minutes. Though, you must ensure that when you are removing it and cleaning the vagina, you should do so with warm water in order to completely clean the sticky portions. Or else, leaving the sticky leftovers too can cause more itching and irritation. Keep a lot of tissues and towels handy to avoid the dripping and spreading of the honey all around your bathroom or house.

Yoghurt, Vinegar and Garlic paste are also three things that are easily available at home, and can be used to effectively cure vaginal infections. Garlic paste is especially very good when you have vaginal yeast infections. It may give a slightly burning sensation, but the effect and the result are totally worth it. Vinegar can actually be added to a tub full of water when you are having a bath. One cup of vinegar is usually enough for a full tub. And yoghurt of course can be applied and then cleaned off after a little while. Yoghurt immediately starts to give relief to the itching.

If the home remedies do not show effect in some time, or if the condition becomes worse and the problem persists, then you should not ignore the problem and should consult a doctor as soon as possible, to avoid further complications.

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