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Home Remedies for Shiny Hair, Get Silky Shiny Hair

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Nobody likes to have hair that is dull and lacks shine. For those people who have long hair, there is a special need to make sure that their hair is shiny, or else dull long hair will make their overall personality look bad. Besides, shiny hair is one of those things that make other people die of envy, and has the ability to attract the attention of other people. But how does one exactly manage to maintain shiny hair at all times?

One way to get shiny hair could be that you try out several products available in the market, ranging from sprays to conditioners to shampoos etc. However, you must be warned beforehand that most of these products fail to work, and sometime later you will feel that you have simply done nothing but wasted a lot of your bucks on products that show no results. There are only very few products which have been tested by the right authorities worldwide, and are certified for use to give good results. Hylix hair lotion is made of herbs and nutrients that provide the most needed care and nourishment to your hairs.

Shiny Hair Remedies

The second alternative is the cheaper one. It involves trying some home remedies that need ingredients from your kitchen. Since these remedies are all natural because of natural ingredients, there is no scope for any kind of side-effects. Moreover, most of these home remedies have been tried and tested by a lot of people, and are existent since ancient times. This means that the chances of these remedies being effective are very high, and you are sure to see some good results.

One such home remedy is that of applying lemon juice and honey on your hair. Lemon juice is considered to be good for many reasons, and it has been found that it even has the ability to treat bald patches. Thus, your hair growth pattern improves, and honey gives the added shine and lustre that you need.

Applying curd on your hair, for around 30 minutes, twice in a week, before hair wash, is also a good way to get naturally shiny hair. At the same time, you also need to get into the habit of regular oiling of your hair. Choose whichever oil you like the most, ranging from coconut to almond to olive. Regular oiling helps the hair to get its natural nourishment and shine back, so that you do not have to depend on external hair care products.

Also, try and avoid too much of experimentation and styling with your hair. Straightening or curling machines generate a lot of heat that takes away the natural shine of the hair. Same happens with too much of hair washing. Try and avoid both these things. Also, when you wash your hair, never do it with very hot water. Use lukewarm water, and always end a head wash with cold water flowing on your hair to retain the natural shine.

It is always good to first consult an expert, and then find out which products are good to use and will show results for you, keeping in mind your hair growth pattern, texture, hairstyle etc.

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