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Menopause Symptoms and Natural Remedies

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Every woman has to go through the menopause phase in her life, though there is no strict rule that every one will suffer at the same age. Once they know the symptoms of menopause, they can be in a better position to deal with this situation. We list below the main symptoms of menopause for the information of those who have not yet reached to this phase.

Menopause at an Early Age

There are different reasons for a woman to experience menopause at a young age. The symptoms can be both physical and emotional. The symptoms they usually experience include loss of hair, lapse in memory, constant fatigue, anxiety, tingling skin, hot flashes, sore muscles, mood swings, and electric shock feeling in the body.

Menopause at an Older (Normal) Age

The symptoms of menopause at the normal age include dry mouth, bad taste in mouth, anxiety, tenderness in breasts, change in body odor, burning feeling in tongue or on the roof of mouth, sore or painful joints, dry vagina, dizziness, irritability, insomnia, lapse in memory, lack of concentration, unfounded fear, tiredness, gastrointestinal problems (gas pain, nausea, etc), gum bleeding, hair loss, depression and lack of self confidence, hot or cold flashes, night sweats, headache, loss of libido, bloating, sudden weight increase, irregular periods, increase in allergic conditions, itchy or crawling skin, and mood swings.

Once you know that you are going through the menopause phase and experiencing such a tough time, you should try some natural remedies for menopause which will work well to restore and stabilize estrogen levels in your body. You may not need the synthesized animal hormones or any other medications which come with bundles of side effects.

Take an immediate start with certain plants that contain estrogenic substances. You may take, for instance, soy beans and soy sprouts, beets, green beans, alfalfa, garlic, apples, cabbage, olive oil, crushed flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, papaya, and yams. These foods are considered the effective natural remedies for menopause.

As the natural remedy for hot flashes, increase the intake of water and drink three cups of evening primrose oil tea daily. Moreover, it is not difficult to create your own menopause remedy in your own kitchen. Try one of the homemade formulas which some people have found effective to treat menopause symptoms. To do so, take 2 tsp cohosh root tincture, 1 tsp chaste tree tincture, 1 tsp sarsaparilla tincture, 1 tsp don quai root tincture, 1 tsp ginseng root tincture, and 1 tsp licorice root tincture. Mix all the ingredients and take three dropper-full a day.

If you experience dry skin, find some moisturizer with beeswax and vitamin E. You will find such preparation highly beneficial.

To cure vaginal dryness, some people have found some effective way which you can do easily. You have to take 2000mg Vitamin C, 50mg of selenium, and 10mg beta-carotene. By taking this, you will help not only the vaginal dryness but also your skin. As lotion to apply, take 1 oz of almond oil, 2 drops of geranium oil, and one 1000 iu capsule of vitamin E. Break the capsule and mix all together and apply inside and outside the vagina; twice daily will be enough.

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