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Home Remedies for Gray Hair, Premature Graying of Hair

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Gray hair often starts to develop when a person starts to grow old. But there are many people these days who complain of gray hair right since their teens. Have you ever wondered what could possibly be the reason for such a drastic thing to happen? Research has shown that the reasons vary from person to person, but there are some common problems in general. These include improper or no hair care habits, too much of stress, faulty diets and lifestyle, too much of experimentation with the hair etc.

Nobody likes to have gray hair at a young age because it makes the person look old and bad. It makes the person feel that he/she looks unattractive. So how exactly do you get rid of your problem of gray hair effectively? The answer is Hylix - a natural hair lotion made of pure herbs that are well known for their positive results in making your hairs healthy and beautiful.

Gray Hair Remedies

There are some simple home remedies that one can follow. The idea of course to keep in mind the things that lead to gray hair, and then try and ensure that those things do not happen. So, first and foremost, it is important to develop good hair care habits. It is essential to give regular oil massages to your hair and scalp with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil at least once a week, one hour before head wash. Regular oiling keeps the hair healthy, and lets the natural shine remain intact. You will notice that most people who have thick, black hair would be following very good hair care habits, and regular oiling is one of them. It also helps to solve problems of hair fall and dryness.

Then come in changes in your food habits. You need to ensure that your diet is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, so that your internal system in the body is clean and well functioning. Also, try and consume amla pieces frequently, as it helps to let the blackness of the hair remain intact. Many people use Henna packs to reduce gray hair, and it is advisable to include amla juice in that as well.

Too much of experimentation and styling with the hair is not very good. Processes of ironing, straightening, curling, re-bonding, colouring etc leave your hair dry and damaged. They also cause earlier growth of gray hair. It is best to let your hair be the way it is. Or if you are too keen on styling it, then seek advice from an expert to figure out a less damaging option.

Stress is one major factor that causes growth of gray hair. You need to make sure that apart from a healthy lifestyle in terms of food, you have a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally well. Indulge in regular exercising as well as yoga or meditation to keep your body, mind and soul in place. Get adequate sleep daily, and keep your body hydrated at all times by drinking a lot of water. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, as they are the worst enemies of black hair growth.

Following healthy habits will never fail to give good results.

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