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Precum Treatment, Semen Leakage Herbal Remedy, Natural Cure

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Pre-cum also known as pre-ejaculate is the lubricating, clear, sticky formulae. The chemical composition of pre-cum is different from the semen. When sexually aroused pre-cum is emitted from the urethra of men. The tube which carries the semen is also used for carrying the urine. It is pre-cum, which cleans the urethra before semen passes through it and hence it saves semen from the residual acidity caused by urine in the urethra. Pre-cum is also believed to have role in sperm survival by changing the acidic environment of vagina.

Pre-cum is produced by the bulbourethral glands. It functions as a lubricant and an acid neutralizer. The quantity of pre-cum differs varies among men. Pre-cum is normal if fluid comes after continuous long time stimulus. But if leaking of semen is present even with slight stimulus or just thought of sex then it is a serious problem which needs immediate treatment. In simple terms, emission of pre-cum and/or semen involuntarily without having orgasm is considered as a disorder of pre-cum and semen leakage in male.

Pre-cum and semen leakage is mainly caused due to weakness in parasympathetic nerve. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for psychological part of . The presence of nitric oxide released by liver into the parasympathetic nervous system sends signal to the spongy tissues in the male organ for erection and then the spongy tissues get engorged with blood and erection occurs. The parasympathetic nerve is responsible for keeping the ejaculation valve closed and maintaining of erection. Weakness in this nerve causes problem of pre-cum and semen leakage.

Herbal Treatment for Precum and Semen Leakage

The treatment of the problem of pre-cum and semen leakage mainly concentrates on keeping the ejaculation valve tight and maintaining of adequate level of testosterone. Adequate level of testosterone is required for supply of bio energy, keeping the nerves charged and enhancing the penile power.

Herbal supplements are considered best to combat the problems of pre-cum and semen leakage. These supplements are frequently used to increase the testosterone level in men. The herbal supplements are very effective in strengthening the parasympathetic nerves and the tissues responsible for erection. By providing adequate nutrients and required hormones these supplements helps in strengthening the ejaculation valve.

NF Cure Capsules

NF Cure Capsule is prepared with extract of herbs which are known for treating the problems in men. It helps body in overcoming the ill effects like pre-cum and semen leakage, caused by over masturbation. It helps in having harder and longer erection and increasing the overall energy and stamina in men.

Semen Leakage Treatment

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180 capsules
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Shilajit ES

Shilajit is famous for its curing ability of many problems. It is a type of resin found in Himalayan mountain range. It also helps in overall improvement of health. It contains several minerals including Benzoic acid which is known for reducing the effect of aging.

Shilajit should be purified before uses, as it cannot be used in raw form. It is rich in chemicals and disinfectants. It helps body in reconstruction of worn out cells and also in strengthening the tissues. Regular use of Shilajit helps in enhancing the testosterone level and strengthening the ejaculation valve. Shilajit cures the problem of pre-cum and semen leakage without having any side effects.

azoospermia treatment

60 capsules $40 - Free
120 capsules $75 $5 Free
180 capsules
$110 $10 Free
240 capsules
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$140 $20 Free

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cure precum and semen leakage problem?

Precum is mainly due to dhaat or prostate infection also called prostatitis and this may result in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In chronic cases, sperm count may also fall resulting in infertility.

Precum can be cured by regular use of herbal supplements NF Cure Capsule and Shilajit ES. These supplements are very useful to cure urogenital infections, dhaat or prostatitis, urogenital system weakness and sexual weakness. A regular course of these natural supplements is capable of eradicating the side effects of over masturbation and strengthens the whole urogenital system to cure precum problem.

We recommend you to make a regular 3-4 months course of Shilajit ES and NF Cure Capsules for satisfactory results. Increase water intake and eat nutritional homemade meals.

What additional things I can do to cure precum and semen leakage?

Modification in life style and habits are required to overcome the problem of pre-cum and semen leakage. The frequency of masturbation should be reduced. The increased intake of protein and reduce consumption of caffeine in diet also helps in overcoming this problem.

Is there any side effect of Shilajit ES and NF Cure Capsules?

NF Cure Capsules and Shilajit ES are not known to have any side effects as these supplements are made of pure herbal ingredients. Both are 100% natural and safe. You can take NF Cure and Shilajit ES Capsules for long term without any fear of side effects.

How long I need to take these supplements?

As NF Cure and Shilajit ES Capsules are herbal supplements, you cannot expect an overnight result. It is recommended to take these capsules consistently for at least 3-4 months for permanent cure. These supplements will eradicate the semen leakage problem from the root without any side effects. With natural supplements you will get long lasting results.

NF Cure + Shilajit ES - Super Saver Combo Pack for Limited Period

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$20 Free 120 caps + 120 caps
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