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Natural Home Remedies

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Home Remedies

Home remedies are one of the commonly used alternative treatments. They require ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicines, also prescribes some exercises, massaging techniques, colors, aromas, gems and cleansing therapies as home remedies. Due to the mystical healing power of herbs and spices, they are widely used in treating common ailments. These natural herbs and spices are taken as juice, paste, powder, infusion and decoction to cure or prevent any ailment.

Natural homemade remedies are not only simple but the ingredients used are also easily available in our kitchen cabinets. For example clove, cinnamon, black pepper, cumin, fennel, rock salt, turmeric, coriander, honey, licorice, garlic, ginger, onion, basil and mint are well known remedial herbs.

bulletAcidity bulletDry skin bulletMoles
bulletAcne bulletEar Infection bulletMorning sickness
bulletAlcoholism bulletEczema bulletMumps
bulletAnemia bulletEye care bulletNasal congestion
bulletArthritis bulletFibromyalgia bulletObesity
bulletAsthma bulletFood poisoning bulletPeptic ulcer
bulletAthlete Foot bulletGastritis bulletPrickly heat
bulletBackache bulletGout bulletProstrate Disorders
bulletBad breath bulletHair care bulletPsoriasis
bulletBaldness bulletHangover bulletRheumatism
bulletBlackheads bulletHeadache bulletRingworm
bulletBody odor bulletHead Lice bulletScars
bulletBoils bulletHemorrhoids bulletSinusitis
bulletBreast feeding bulletHiccups bulletSore throat
bulletBronchitis bulletHigh blood pressure bulletSprain
bulletCellulite bulletIndigestion bulletSterility
bulletCholesterol bulletInsomnia bulletStress
bulletColitis bulletItching bulletStretch marks
bulletCommon Cold bulletJaundice bulletSunburn
bulletConstipation bulletJetlag bulletSwelling feet
bulletCorns bulletKidney stones bulletTeeth whitening
bulletCough bulletLeg pain bulletToothache
bulletDandruff bulletLiver care bulletWart
bulletDark circles bulletMalaria bulletWrinkles
bulletDepression bulletMenopause bulletYeast infection
bulletDiabetes bulletMenstrual Problems  
bulletDiaper rash bulletMiscarriages  

More Home Remedies

bulletAllergies bulletFreckles bulletPimples
bulletAnti aging bulletHair care bulletPremature graying
bulletAthlete's foot bulletHair growth bulletPsoriasis
bulletBeautiful Skin bulletHair fall bulletRashes
bulletBlack Hair bulletHand care bulletRheumatism
bulletBlemishes bulletHead lice bulletScabies
bulletCellulite bulletHives bulletSciatica
bulletCervical spondylosis bulletHyperglycemia bulletShingles
bulletChilblains bulletGallstones bulletShiny hair
bulletCorns bulletGlowing face bulletSkin abscess
bulletCracked hands bulletGlycosuria bulletSkin care
bulletDamaged hair bulletGout bulletSkin damage
bulletDandruff bulletFrozen shoulder bulletSkin irritation
bulletDermatitis bulletLumbago bulletThick hair
bulletDry feet bulletMuscle cramps bulletUrticaria
bulletDry hair bulletNeck pain bulletUrinary tract infection
bulletDry mouth bulletNeuralgia bulletMenopause
bulletDry scalp bulletNightfall bulletWarts
bulletDry skin bulletOily hair bulletWhiteheads
bulletFlabby skin bulletOily face bulletWrinkles
bulletAndropause bulletGenital warts bulletRosacea
bulletBags under eyes bulletJoint pain bulletSinus infection
bulletDark spots on face bulletPeptic ulcer bulletVaginal infection
bulletEndometriosis bulletPremenstrual syndrome  
bulletGenital herpes bulletProstate enlargement  

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