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Constipation Treatment and Herbal Remedies

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Constipation Natural Relief

Triphala is a unique herbal formulation that has the potential to treat any kind of disorder especially related to the gastro intestinal tract. It possesses certain properties that makes it a mild laxative thereby it is extremely helpful in treating constipation.

Triphala is also effective in treating acidity, hyperacidity or acid reflux, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), digestive disturbances and liver problems. This dietary supplement also helps in the digestion of the food, extrication the wastes, and then throwing out from the bowels. You can take it on regular basis.

Due to improper functioning, fecal get deposited in the large intestine. As a result of this the fecal matter gets compacted and obstructs the bowel movements. This may encourage parasitic worms causing several problems. Triphala helps to loosen out these compacted fecal matters and throw them out from the body. It is widely used as a natural colon cleanser.

Accumulation of toxic gases in the stomach causes abdominal pain and many other problems. Triphala acts in dissolving all these gases and become an ideal remedy for flatulence. It cleanses the whole body and improves assimilation and digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is constipation?

Constipation is a common gastrointestinal trouble. The other terms used for constipation are costiveness, dyschezia and dyssynergic defecation. When the food passes through the large intestine or colon, while forming waste products, the colon absorbs water from food. Then, by contraction of muscle of colon, the solid waste products are pushed to rectum. If the colon absorbs too much of water or the contraction of muscle of colon is too slow to push the waste products, then constipation occur.

What are the symptoms of constipation?

Symptoms of Constipation

1. Irregular bowel movement - less than three times a week.

2. Sensation because of incomplete evacuation of bowel.

3. Difficulty during defecation.

4. Severe constipation in which passage of stool and gas both are prevented is termed as obstipation.

5. Other symptoms of constipation may include distension, bloating, headaches, abdominal pain etc.

What are the major causes of constipation?

Causes of Constipation

1. Insufficient fiber in daily diet is the most prominent cause of constipation. Fiber is part of fruit or vegetable which cannot be digested by the body. The insoluble fiber pass almost unchanged through the intestine. The bulk and soft surface of fiber help in keeping the solid waste soft.

2. Insufficient fluid intake results in forming of solid waste very hard and thereby constipation.

3. In infants, changes in diet from breast feed to regular mild or from baby food to solid food also become a cause of constipation.

4. Less physical activity especially in elder people is considered to be one of the causes of constipation.

5. Side effect of medications is a very common cause of constipation. Medicines which contain iron, calcium, aluminum, opioids and certain tricyclic antidepressants are considered to be responsible for causing constipation.

6. Anatomical problems are considered to be one of the causes of constipation in some people. This may include colon cancer, proctitis, parkinsons, spinal cord lesions, and pelvic floor dysfunction. In infants, hirschsprung's disease is commonly linked with constipation.

7. The habit of withholding stools is also one cause of constipation. This habit is generally developed in children due to psychological reasons such as feeling unsafe or uncomfortable about having a bowel movement. In adult too this habit may develop because of very busy schedule etc.

8. Causes of constipation include Metabolic and endocrine problems like, hypercalcemia, hypothyroidism, and diabetes mellitus.

9. In female during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes or since the uterus compresses the intestine, constipation is very frequently observed.

Is there any natural treatment for constipation relief?

Prevention is easier than treatment in case of constipation. Triphala supplements are very effective in prevention of constipation. It is made of three fruits, amalaki (Emblica officinalis), haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) combined in equal parts. These fruits contain anthraquinones which helps in stimulation of intestinal contractions and hence, the digestive process is strengthened.

Triphala is available in both powder and pill form. Since the taste of triphala is bitter people prefer to take it in pill form. Triphala supplement is considered as best option for treating constipation, since it does not have any side effects.

What should be the diet to cure constipation?

Increase your dietary fiber intake gradually. Rapid increase in fiber can cause flatulence (gas) and discomfort. When increasing fiber, be sure to also increase water intake. Eat high-fiber foods such as raw vegetables, salads, raisins, bran cereals, whole-grain bread and fresh fruit. Drink plenty of water at least eight glasses a day.

Along with the above dietary modifications, some natural remedies are also very helpful in curing constipation.

Do daily exercise such as brisk walking for at least half an hour.

Visit toilet in the morning, even if you are unable to have a bowel movement. This relaxes and stimulates your digestive system.

Sit quietly for 10-15 minutes after eating a meal to aid in digestion.

Take Triphala supplement to improve digestion and correct constipation.

Is there any possible side effect of using Triphala?

Triphala is 100% natural and completely safe for long-term use and has no clinically known side effects. It is made from natural and organic plant extract and is free from artificial coloring, flavors, allergens, salt and preservatives.

However the patient of diarrhea and the pregnant woman should not take Triphala supplement. Avoid spicy and junk food to help the supplement work effectively.

How long I need to use Triphala supplement?

Triphala is an herbal supplement so you cannot expect an overnight result. It is recommended to use this dietary supplement consistently for at least 2-3 months for permanent cure from constipation.

Herbal supplements take time for absorption but the results are long lasting. Another benefit of using natural products is that they cure not just the symptoms but the whole body and are safe and do not cause any harmful side effects to your health.

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